Royalist MK II


Royalist MKII is a single channel all-tube amp that captures the essence of early British tones, from the JTM45 to Plexi/Super Lead. A tube-buffered series-wired effects loop offers superb transparency, and a built-in Ironman II attenuator delivers authentic raging stack tones, even at bedroom volumes. Royalist MK II. Instant Classic.

Sky King


Sky King is a 35W two-channel 1×12″ combo delivering refined vintage American guitar tone. Features include a Rhythm and Lead channel, tube-driven spring reverb, vintage-style bias modulation tremolo and “mid-bite” control. A built-in Ironman power attenuator produces authentic tone character and feel, even at bedroom level. Sky King. Instant Classic.

Imperial MK II


Imperial MK II is an all-tube 20W 1×12 two-channel combo featuring Rhythm/Lead channels and a built-in Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator with six attenuation steps for consistent tonal character at any volume. An Attenuator Bypass, Tremolo On/Off, HF Compensation switch and Reverb expand tonal versatility. Imperial MK II. Instant Classic.



Falcon is a 12W, 1×10″ single channel amplifier featuring two 6V6 tubes in a unique ultralinear configuration for authentic 50s and 60s era vintage low-watt tones. A selectable 3-way Rhythm, Tweed and Lead tone switch and built-in Ironman attenuator deliver authentic tonal character at any volume level. Falcon. Instant Classic.

Falcon Grande


Falcon Grande is a single channel, 20W 1×12” amplifier featuring a 3-position voicing switch for old-school vintage tones. An adjustable 2-knob spring reverb and a built-in Ironman II attenuator with tuned reactive load adds tonal character and dynamic voicing. A 4-button footswitch controls reverb and voicing. Falcon Grande. Instant Classic.

Ironman II Mini


Ironman II Mini is a compact state-of-the art attenuator for amplifiers of 30W or less, delivering true transparent attenuation all the way down to bedroom volume. A Line-Out feature provides Re-Amping or D.I. capability and a unique Solo feature provides a selectable 3db/6db volume boost. Ironman II Mini. Instant Classic.