Ironman II Attenuator.

Cranked amp tone, ideal volume level, and uncompromised response

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About the attenuator.

All great tube amps sound best when they’re being pushed. But that often means angry looks from bandmembers and sound engineers. Those days are over. The Ironman II allows you to take your ground-shaking rig to whisper levels. Unlike other tube amp attenuators, the Ironman II’s reactive load technology and transformer-coupled power division circuitry does it while retaining all of the detail, warmth, and response of your pure tone. Today is the day to experience the Ironman II for yourself.

Key features:

  • 100-watt attenuator offers cranked tone at whisper volumes
  • Reactive load technology maintains the relationship between amp and speaker
  • Custom-designed, transformer-coupled signal flow
  • Foot-switchable Solo Mode (footswitch included) provides a boosted level with the tap of your toe
  • Dial your amp’s top-end character to perfection via the Presence switch
  • Cabinet-emulated XLR DI output sends mic’d up tones direct to the board
  • ¼” Line output can drive additional amplifiers, your favorite IRs, and more
  • Match any cab to your amp regardless of impedance

Reactive, transformer-coupled attenuation.

A vital part of an amp’s tone is the way it interacts with the speaker. These impedance fluctuations are essential to the tones we love. They’re also why many attenuators on the market fail to deliver the same sound at lower levels. The proprietary reactive load and transformer-coupled technology in the Ironman II, however, treats the amplifier the same as a speaker. Now you can have all of the frequencies and nuance of your tone shine through at any volume.

Ironman II reactive attenuation.

The Ironman II reactive power attenuator gives Tone King amplifiers increased flexibility for any gig, session, or rehearsal. Just crank your amp to the sweet spot then rein in the volume for thick, rich tone at usable levels. And thanks to its reactive load technology and HF Compensation, you’ll always maintain your cranked amp tone and feel.

Presence Switch.

The Presence switch provides subtle control of brightness and compression. It allows you to tailor the response to match your acoustic environment and to correct for an overly bright amplifier. Three settings are provided: 0db (brightest setting), -3db, and -6db (darkest setting).

DI XLR and ¼” line-level outputs.

The Ironman II’s Line-Out and DI outputs provide a line-level signal that can be used to drive another amplifier, mixing board, recording interface, or any other line-level input. To sweeten the pot, the DI out features an analog speaker cabinet simulation (with switches to select between speaker center or edge micing and ground-lift) that compares head-on with some of the most intricate computer-based IRs out there.

Impedance Matching.

Another unique feature of the Ironman II is its dual impedance controls – one for the amplifier input, and one for the speaker output. These controls allow you to match your speaker to your amplifier, regardless of the amp’s output impedance.

Use as a Dummy Load.

Want to record or practice silently? No problem. The Ironman II can easily be used as a dummy load with no speakers attached. This is ideal for using the cab-emulated out, your favorite IRs, plugging in a set of headphones for big amp vibe that won’t wake the neighbors.

Technical Details

Front Panel:

  • Attenuation Settings:
  1. SOLO: 0dB, -4dB, -8dB, -12dB, -22dB and-32dB
  2. HI: -3dB, -7dB, -11dB, -15dB, -25dB, -35dB
  3. LO: -6dB, -10dB, -14dB, -18dB, -28dB, -38dB 
  • Presence: 0dB, -3dB or -6dB 
  • Switches: Hi/Lo Switch and Solo

Rear Panel:

  • Amplifier Impedance Switch: 4, 8 or 16 ohms
  • Speaker Impedance Switch: 4, 8 or 16 ohms
  • XLR DI Output with switches for: GND, AXIS and LEVEL
  • 1/4″ Line Out
  • Foot Switch jack – foot switch is included
  • 12V DC Jack – use the included power supply 

Weight: 15 lbs. 

Dimension: 10.25″ (deep)x 9.5″ (wide) x 3.75″ (high)

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