Sky King

Sky King is a 35W two-channel 1×12” combo delivering refined vintage American guitar tone. The Rhythm channel delivers a late-60’s style clean tone, with scooped midrange, deep bass, and shimmery top end. The Lead channel features a 50s tweed voicing, delivering thick midrange and rounded treble response. A unique “mid-bite” control enhances tonal quality by transforming the classic tweed voicing into a crunchy, singing, classic rock voicing. A built-in Ironman power attenuator faithfully reproduces authentic tone character and feel, even at bedroom volumes. A tube driven spring reverb and bias modulation tremolo add increased tonal options. Sky King. Instant Classic.

– 35W, 1×12 Two Channel Combo
– 1×12 Celestion G12M65 Creamback

– 2 Channel (Rhythm, Lead), Footswitchable
– Rhythm Channel Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass
– Lead Channel Controls: Volume, Tone

– Tube driven spring reverb
– Full spring 2-spring reverb pan

– Bias modulation type tremolo circuit
– Footswitch controllable

Built-In Ironman Power Attenuator:
–  Controls:  Attenuation Level (Rhythm), Attenuation Level (Lead)
–  Attenuation Steps: 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db
–  Dual attenuation controls (one for each preamp channel)

– Two button footswitch (channel, tremolo)
– LED status indicators

Operating Mode Swich:
– controls operating mode of output tubes: Ultralinear or Pentode mode

– 5x12AX7A, 1x12AT7, 2x6L6GC, 1x5U4GT

Output Stage:
– 2x6LGC, cathode biased, no negative feedback, selectable ultralinear/pentode mode

Output Power:
– 35W RMS

Speaker Impedence:
– 8 Ohms

Ironman Attenuator design features:
– Precision tuned reactive load

– 24″ (wide) x 18″ (tall) x 12″ (deep)

– 48 pounds

– Black, Brown, Cream